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Reference an Object in a Function


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I'm having an issue with the Preview not displaying correctly. The rule I'm using validates correctly, but breaks on preview.


In a nutshell, here is the code for this function


// declare variable color hits

HIT_COLOR_BLACK = "black";

HIT_COLOR_WHITE = "white";


// create array of objects



// retrieve items in desired color

function getItem(item, colorNumber){

return '<color name=' + HIT_COLOR_CHOICE[colorNumber] + '>' + '<tracking newsize="6">' + item;




During positioning and proofing, we will switch the color hits globally, just to check our work.


When I validate the rule with this function, the correct results appear:

<color name=black><tracking newsize="6">pizza


but the color does not come through on preview. The text will default to the color set in the text box. I have the 'Treat returned string as tagged text' box checked, so it's not that.


If i hardcode the color value into the function, or use the variable name itself, the rule works. This would just cause a lot of work on my end to create a function for each color i have.


All help is appreciated.


Here are system details:

FP: 9.3.36

OS: Mac OS 10.12.6

Acrobat 11




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