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Problem with templates made in Quark

Brian F.

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Does anyone know of a way to generate smaller templates from Quark?


I have a 2 sided (2 page) quark file that is 8.5" x 11". It consists of 2 placed pdf files that fill the page, one on each page, that are static. I have 3 variable fields for Name, phone number & email address. When I export the file using fusionpro to make the template for use in the store, the PDF is 47 meg!!!! The same layout done in InDesign would be less than 10 meg.


The size then obviously carries all the way through so that when a store user customizes the piece and wants to view the PDF proof they have to wait for a 47mg file to load. You have to be kidding!


This is not the first time I have run into this. All my templates made from Quark files are several times bigger than InDesign equivalents.


Please don't give me the "Low Res Preview setting" song and dance. Is there a way to address this problem on the creation end, not on the store end? This is very frustrating. Some of our clients don't/won't use InDesign. FusionPro is supposed to be compatible with Quark so why should our clients get charged to convert a design to InDesign just to get a template that is not a pain to use in the store?

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First off, I have no idea why Quark would generate a file size that much larger than the same think done in InDesign. The PDF's you are placing on each page must contain a mix of font and graphic content. I would assume that InDesign is just a better tool at working with the PDF (they are kin after all and Quark is not).


One solution to try, which I would suggest regardless of the design app you choose; try defining your "static" PDF frames as variable, then return the art via a rule in FPD. This will definitely bring down the file size of your document, as the PDFs will reside in the Library and be placed into the document at proof/composition.


Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot!!!!


I knew someone would have a work around.


That did the trick. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use this method every time, but its a good start.


Now I just need to staighten out some dumb things done in the Quark file. Nothing is ever easy.

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