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Simple rule to check input


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Need an expression that will check if $inputrecord or number is a multiple of 50.

if true then return "BookNumberCount" (which should go up for each booklet)

Trying to do this without using stacks.


So every 50 ouputsheets/records, i want to print BOOK# on each top sheet... already have background templates setup. My java is not strong.


new to all this thanks for help...


var certainNumber = 50;
if ("$inputrecordnumber" % "certainNumber" === 0) {
   // directWinner is a multiple of certainNumber
then return "«$inputrecordnumber»" ***OR the correct name for OUTPUT COMPOSED SHEET****

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If you want to print the book number on the first page of the book, then you aren't really trying to determine if the record is a multiple of 50. Record 1, 51, 101, etc aren't multiples of 50.


I think you want to do this:

var recsInBook = 50;
var rec = CurrentRecordNumber();
return rec % recsInBook == 1 ? 'BOOK #' + Math.ceil(rec / recsInBook) : '';

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