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Input Record Number


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OK, this may be something very easy and simply a huge memory failure on my part, but I have noticed that the last few templates that I have created do not have the options to add things like $inputrecordnumber, $outputrecordnumber, etc.


These options simply are not in the drop down list of fields.


I don't recall ever doing anything special to get them to show up in the list.


Is there an issue or am I missing something?


Thank you.

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They should be there, at the end of the drop-down (combo box) list. If your job has a lot of fields and rules in that list, then you may need to scroll the drop-down list to see them.


Also, you can always type or paste any variable name into the combo's edit box and click Insert, even if it's not in the drop-down list.

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I kept trying all sorts of things to get these to show up in the drop down.


Turns out the data supplied by the client had several columns of data way to the right (like DD, DE, etc. way over there) with no column titles. And not all rows had the data.


I deleted all the extra columns, saved the file and now everything shows up in the template.


Not sure why, but that fixed it. Just wanted to pass it along in case someone else runs into that in the future.


Thank you.

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