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Let me preface like I always do by apologizing for being clueless :)


Awhile back I posted with an imposition question and got some help but was never able to work it out and then the project got put on the back burner for quite some time. I'm trying again!


I am working on a 1 sided business card and a 2 sided card to be used on a DSF site. I have the cards set in Fusion Pro and now they've thrown something at me that I'm not sure how to execute.


The cards are printed on press not digitally. Because of this they are printed 4 up on and they want to give the customer the option of buying 1 name (4 up), 2 names (2x2up) or 4 names(1 of each up). Each card will be set up as follows:


Name, Credentials


Title 2


It was suggested I used OnRecorStart and I used the following but that only changed the name:


var imposition = 4;

var FP = FusionPro.Composition;


var names = [];

for (var i = 1; i <= 4; i++)

if (name = Field('Name' + i))



FP.repeatRecordCount = imposition;

FP.AddVariable('Name', names[Math.ceil(FP.repeatRecordNumber / (imposition / names.length)) - 1]);


The other issue is that not everyone uses credentials so the common needs to drop when they don't. I've been using the following:


var result = Field("Name1");

if (result && Field("Credentials1"))

result += ", " + '<span font="Bernhard Modern BT Bold" pointsize=9>' + Field("Credentials1") + '</span>';

return result;


Any help would be welcomed! I'm in way over my head!

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