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Load external images within a Marcom template


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On one portal I have a lot of templates.

This portal has a lot of user and each user has their own logo.


When I add a new user I add TPA information and one of these fields help load the logo.


The disadvantage is I need to add a new logo file to all the templates under the images tab in the template.

This takes a lot of time with a lot of templates.


I would like to grab the logo from my webserver.

But this does not work in Marcom. It works locally.


Right now I have this code running locally:

var picture = new CreateResource("https://files.skabertrang.dk/jh/marcom-image-test/" + Field("billedefil") + ".jpg");
return picture;


And this does not work when I upload the template to Marcom.


Does anybody know if this is possible in Marcom?

Or if it is closed of due to security concerns?

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I have the same issue. We have a client that has hundreds of images and they update some of them almost monthly. They are using TPA also. I was told you can't pull from an outside server from TPAs. I do have another product that is not using TPAs and pulls images from an outside webserver.

I changed my code to your info so you can try the code like this and see if it works.

return CreateResource("https://files.skabertrang.dk/jh/marcom-image-test/" + Field("billedefil") + ".jpg","graphic",true);

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The ability to download resources from secure URLs, starting with "https://", as opposed to only non-secure URLs, starting with "http://", was added to FusionPro VDP in version 10.0.16.


Unfortunately, MarcomCentral is still running FusionPro VDP Server version 10.0.2, so downloading "https://" URLs is not currently supported when composing via MarcomCentral.


Hopefully MarcomCentral will be upgraded to a newer version of FusionPro VDP, with support for downloading "https://" URLs, sometime soon.


Until then, you will only be able to use "http://" URLs in online MarcomCentral compositions, and not "https://" URLs.

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