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Non-mirrored impositin


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Is there anyway to turn off the "mirror image" effect for side two of the imposition module?


I'm trying to imprint on a pre-printed shell and my image for side one and two both have to shift to the left about .5 inches. When I place the -.5" in the image shift section of the "press sheet" it will shift side 1 correctly (.5 inches to the left) however side two shifts to the right by .5" to match/mirror side 1. I need to be able to move side 2 independently and shift it to the left as well and not just mirror side 1.


I even tried using the "impositionSheetBackgroundFrontPage" and "impositionSheetBackgroundBackPage" features thinking that maybe if I move the green-outlined "template boxes" that FusionPro creates I would be able to shift the images accordingly. But nothing. Even when I move each template box almost to the farthest corner edge leaving only about a 1" square on the 12.5x19 inch press-sheet sheet imposition scheme the entire image is printed in the same area.


I suppose that I could always create two templates for every job - one for the customer proof for approval and an additional one for the print production. I just hate wasted time! Is there any way to move the imposed sides independently from one another?

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Obviously two sides of the same sheet have to "mirror" each other, to print back-to-back.


Using imposition sheet backgrounds doesn't affect the positioning of the output pages on the imposed sheets; it merely allows you to place extra content (besides the output pages) on the sheet(s).


If you have to move both "sides," just shift all of your variable frames by the desired amount.

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