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Salutation, First, Last too long... can't space

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Rookie question here.

I have a csv with 1300 entries.

12 or so of them have long sal,first,last entries. (i.e. Sergeant Major and Gunnery Sergeant Christopher G. Marcom Jr.)

Question 1. Is there a rule template that will fix this either by reducing font size or something I'm not thinking of?

Question 2. Is there a way to space it out in the PDF once built if there is not a rule?

I expand the box and try to space it out but it doesn't space.




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The most common way of doing copyfitting is to select the frame, then, on the Text Frame Properties palette, click Overflow, then click "Adjust text to fit." You can also optionally check the "Allow text to expand to fill" box. Then, as you resize your frame, the text size will be adjusted. You can tweak how the adjustments happen in the OnCopyfit rule.
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