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Span Pantone color


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I've been working on a span statement & it works well. I need to change the color to a pantone (Pantone 638 CMYK) & I'm having an issue doing so.


if (Field("Certification 1") == ""){

return "";


return "<span font=Wingdings>n</span>" + Field("Certification 1");



I'm new to spans & have limited experience with them. I've tried adding 'font color = Pantone 638 CMYK' inside of the span but then the rule no longer works. Maybe I am just going about it all wrong?



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Thanks for the response, unfortunately I am getting a syntax error & when I put a colon where it suggest, it keeps giving the same error



Sorry, I can't see anything on that downsampled graphic. A picture is usually worth a thousand words, but in this case it might be better to simply copy-and-paste bot the rule syntax and the error message from the composition log (.msg) file.

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