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FusionPro to EFi DSF products


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Hi there, does anyone have the same issue as i am having. When trying to collect zip files to upload to EFI DSF some of the field in DSF template doesn't seem to work on the VDP template. Can anyone help is this a FP issue or DSF issue?


I am using FP 10.0.16


Look forward for some expert advice

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Hi Naval.


As Dan has said, it's hard to know exactly what is going wrong without some more details. But if the issue is that DSF won't upload your .zip file (I've run into this issue before), make sure that before you collect your zip you select Define HTML Form --> From Current Data and configure your fields there. This creates the xml file that DSF needs to properly utilize the web form.


This is apparently a very common cause of .zip files not uploading.


Hope that helps!

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