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Layers not transferring over

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I have created a business card with multiple layer in InDesign. I was able to import everything on layer 1 & I selected everything on layer 2, but none of them came over. When I use the layers tool on acrobat, it shows no layers what so ever. Has anyone else encountered this? If so how do I get all layers to show up & work? Thanks for the help
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The FusionPro plug-in to Adobe InDesign flattens all the page elements that are not marked as variable. Those elements become the static background of the FusionPro VDP template (the PDF) in Adobe Acrobat. The static background is always at the lowest layer, behind all variable frames. Each frame marked as variable in InDesign, or added in Acrobat, has its own layer relative to every other variable frame on the page.


I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to achieve, but it sound like you may need to mark more frames for export. Then they will become separate variable frames, each on its own layer, in FusionPro.

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