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insert in a fusion pro template a page of a PDf

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Ah wonderfull!!

But can i select a page of pdf by a field of file excel?

If you mean that you have a data field which specifies the page number, or the PDF file name, you can do something like this:

var r = CreateResource(Field("PDFName"));
r.pagenumber = Field("PageNumber");
return r;

I'm just guessing at your field names, of course. I could provide more specific suggestions with more information, such as the collected job, or at least the data file. (Note that whether the data file is Excel or some other format makes no difference.)

And have i create a new rule? In ghrapics frame What should I write?


Yes, you would create a new rule of type Graphic / JavaScript. Then you would select graphic frame, and in the Frame Properties palette, select the rule's name in the [Field or Rule] drop-down.

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Hi, it's work good!!

And if would i change proportion in a rule?

It's possible??


If it's being placed into a graphic frame, then you can adjust the size of the frame itself, and you can adjust the scaling and cropping of the graphic within the frame by using the controls on the Frame Properties palette.


If it's an inline graphic, in a text frame, then you need to output a <graphic> tag from a text rule, with either (or both) the width or height attributes set (in hundredths of points, 7200 per inch), something like this:

return '<graphic file="' + Field("PDFName") + '" pagenumber="' +Field("PageNumber") + '" width=7200 height=7200>';

For more information, please refer to the section "Inline Graphics" in the FusionPro User Guide, and the section "Graphic Tag Inside Story Tag / Inline Graphics" in the FusionPro Tags Reference.

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