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11x8.5" Landscape 8-Page Saddle-stitch


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Our digital press sheets are 12x18". I have an 11x8.5" document that is 8-pages. I need to saddle stitch it on the top (11") like a calendar on the 12x18" sheet.


When I use FusionPro Imposer and select Saddle Stitched layout, it always says layout does not fit page no matter what I do.


I did try to rotate the pages in Acrobat in the template CCW 90 to make the document 8.5x11". During rotation, I received a FusionPro message and tried using Yes and No with the same imposition results. (see Acrobat-Rotate-Pages-FP-Message.jpg) Acrobat-Rotate-Pages-FP-Message.jpg.c4bb1851da284cc045e996c4146592ea.jpg


The output was always bad. *The pages overlapped each other in the output. I attached a sample output. (see PRM_brochure_r4-ss.pdf)



I had an 11x8.5" 4-page document that imposed the same way and was able to use Single Gate Head-to-Head. (see WhyBrochure-sg-h2h-4pg.pdf) WhyBrochure-sg-h2h-4pg.pdf *This is the correct output format I need.


I tried to modify that imposition for 8-pages but the imposition didn't match the pages up correctly. (see SG-H2H-8pg-Impo-Output.pdf for page match-up) SG-H2H-8pg-Impo-Output.pdf. (see PRM_brochure_r3-singlegate8.pdf for composed output) PRM_brochure_r3-singlegate8.pdf


I found a previous post http://forums.pti.com/showthread.php?t=4485 with the same issue but I didn't see a resolution.


Will someone please help?


  1. Is there a way to use Saddle Stitch layout with an 11x8.5" and stitch on top?
  2. Is there a way to use Single Gate Head-to-Head for 8-pages and have it match pages correctly?
  3. Is there another layout I can use?
  4. Since rotating the template pages in Acrobat didn't work, is there a way to do this with a rule so regular saddle stitch impo works?


As always, I appreciate everyone's assistance.



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