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Composition issues between 10.0 and 9

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I am composing a file to PDF. Then I am sending the file to someone to print. I also send him the pdf with the fusion pro numbering template in it. When he opens the file with the fusion pro numbering in it he cannot see any of the rules. I am using version 10 and he is using version 9. We are only using a graphic rule for the background and a sequential numbering rule for the numbers. Any thoughts? Thanks! :confused:
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This isn't really a composition issue. Can you be more specific about what versions you're using? Is your friend using FusionPro 9.0? 9.1? 9.2? 9.3?


In general, a FusionPro templates can only be opened or composed in the same version, or a newer version, than than the version that the template was saved/collected from. So you can open a template saved from version 9 in version 10, but not the other way around. That said, it might work if you collect the template in version 10 and check the "Preserve 9.1 Collect Format" box.

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