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Global Settings > Leading Mode


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Hi there,


I'm currently running a newer version of FusionPro (9.3.36) than our server (9.3.9), and to ensure the leading matches between my desktop and the server, I have to go to:


Edit Text > Paragraph > Global Settings > Leading


...and change the mode from FusionPro 9.3 to Legacy, for every document.


My question is, is there a way to do this as a universal FusionPro setting, such that I don't have to change it on every document I process?


Thank you!



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Thanks for the response.


In case anyone else is having this same issue, we were able to work around it by editing the leading settings in the dif file for each document we composed on the newer version.


FP 9.3.36 was outputting:

[b]  leadingmode = "9.3"
[/b]  autoleadingpercent = "120"


Which we changed to:

[b]  uselegacyleading = "false"
[/b]  autoleadingpercent = "120"


To make it compatible with our server running 9.3.9.


I can't guarantee it will work for everyone, but it worked for us!

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