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How to compose both a 1-up no imposition proof AND an imposed press ready print file


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I've got a business card file with the first page as the person's contact info and pages 2-6 are the back with different photos. A rule composes and imposes the file properly so that I will wind up with a pack of 250 cards with 50 of each back. (So the user gets a combo pack with 5 different card backs, 50 each).


I'm trying to figure out the best way to get just the 1st (front) page composed for a 1-up 3.5x2 proof, and then also a final print file that's all pages imposed for printing on a press sheet (21-up).


Will I need to have 2 setup files - a 1 page proof file with no imposition and a separate 6 page file set to compose for printed output? Or is there a way (maybe using OnRecordStart, SetBodyPage rules, etc.) to make a 1-up, 1 page proof AND the 21-up press sheet output files at the same time from a single setup file?




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If you are using the Server API, you can do this pretty easily. I have done something similar to this in the past. I created one PDF for printing and one for a customer proof. Both PDF's were created from the same data file.


You could do this with one template but it may be easier with two. One would be set up for just the fronts of the cards and the second template would be both the fronts and backs of the cards.


Create a hot folder on the server and make two conditions for the hot folder. One would output from the front template file to a PDF and the other condition would output to a full imposed PDF. There is a check box in the condition that tells it to use the imposition file you selected in the Composition settings of the template.


If you are just using Server and not API with the web services, I'm not sure how you could do this.



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