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Text Inclination


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Hi friends,

I have a template to build with prices set with Inclination (as if the font was in Italic style)but there is Italic Style for the used Font.

Is there a way using Javascript and FusionPro rules to do this ?

Here is what I can manage in blue, in Black the wanted format.Capture%20d%27%C3%A9cran%202017-02-23%2014.43.18.png?dl=0



Best regards,


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FusionPro doesn't do "faux" bold and italic styles. The font family needs to contain the desired style.


It's a little tough to figure out exactly what you're trying to do from the screenshot, but I think you can get something close with the Stroke feature on the Advanced Text Effects dialog.

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Thank you Dan,

unfortunately there is nothing I can do with the advanced settings like Stroke to simulate an Italic style.

The only option I have is to convince the customer to chose another font with real Italic style.

Thank you for your response anyway :)

Have a great day !


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