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NexPress Dimensional Clear Ink

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I searched and did not see this on the forum.


I have text that needs to have NexPress Dimensional Ink applied to it. But I can't figure out how to get the text to Multiply.


Any ideas?


I have tried the overprint setting for the color, that did not work.


I am not seeing a place in FusionPro to set this.




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Up until three years ago we had a Nexpress. When wanting to us the clear ink, we would have to make it a spot color of the EXACT name that Kodak specified, and it was case sensitive. It was something like "NexpressDryInk Clear" and set to overprint. We successfully used it with FusionPro multiple times. Whenever it did not work, it wound up being a naming or overprint issue.
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We work every day with the NexPress from Kodak with no problems concerning 3D or spot color text from FusionPro. When You go to FusionPro/Advanced/Colors... within Acrobat Professional You can define the right color like: "NexPress DryInk raised clear" - as "Spotcolor" and "Overprint". Greetings from the Netherlands
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