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Fonts Not Appearing?


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In my experience, FusionPro Desktop does not know when you've deactivated fonts using Font Explorer or Suitcase. The font will default if you preview it or compose, but you can still attempt to select the font resource in the Variable Text Editor dialog box.
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I'm not sure where I read it, but I was under the impression that Fusion Pro did not use or recognize Font Management utilities such as Font Agent Pro, etc.


I'm having some trouble though. I had a job that previewed and composed fine all day long. But the next day, when I opened it, one font would not preview. The only thing that had changed was that 2 co-workers had used that computer for other jobs in other applications and had turned fonts on and/or off in Font Agent Pro. I loaded fonts several times, quit Acrobat, re-opened, and finally had to navigate to my C>Windows>Fonts folder and remove the font and replace from a backup, then load fonts again, quit Acrobat, and then it finally previewed.


So my question is two-fold:


1) When my co-workers turn fonts on and off in Font Agent Pro for use in other programs, is that going to affect my FP templates?


2) Is there a way to tell FP to only use fonts from one certain folder? Or is the act of "loading fonts" loading any font on that computer, no matter where it's located?





FP 5.82, Windows XP, Acrobat Pro 8

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