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  1. Very helpful thread. Thanks, guys! I attached a screengrab of my settings that generates the little 12x12 pixel 2D codes you'd use on match mailings for USPS mailpieces. I would typically set the variable to be the USPS Presort Sequence number (Where you see "NUMBER" in the code). Some tweaking may be necessary to get it to work with your individual system. Don't forget to use the IDAutomationDMatrix font. HTH,
  2. Sorry for the lateness of my reply, hadn't logged in for a while... Have you tried the FusionPro --> Advanced --> Load Fonts --> Load All ? I know that FusionPro doesn't play nice with font resource loading/unloading, at least on version 6 & 7. (Have not tried Version 8 of VDP Creator, my fault for not having done so lately.) I'm typically used to unloading and loading fonts on the fly with FontLibrary or Suitcase, but Fusion Pro only uses the fonts it knows about from when it was launched or from the last time you used the above command.
  3. I'd come across this issue a couple of times after installing FusionPro, and it caused me a good bit of trouble until I understood the problem. Here is my problem: (screengrab) http://i41.tinypic.com/epp5hw.jpg Now, inside the text edit dialog box the fonts would look fine. The IM barcode font looked the way it should, and the Helvetica address text looked the way it should. If I composed the file, the fonts would look fine in the print version. ONLY when using FusionPro's preview function did the fonts look wrong. After a quick call to Tech Support, they diagnosed the issue: I was not "Using Local Fonts." The solution, screengrabs for Mac Acrobat 7 and 8 users: http://i39.tinypic.com/3509jxv.jpg That's an easy solution for Acrobat 7 - Just go to the Menu item Advanced --> Use Local Fonts (CMD-Shift-Y), in Acrbat 8, it's in the preferences, under Page Display, there is a checkbox for "Use Local Fonts." So, it was not some odd issue with FusionPro and Suitcase or FontExplorer, it was just a simple setting within Acrobat. Posting here just in case someone else was going crazy trying to fix this like I was.
  4. WOW - thanks, Dan! ... I'm imagining Dan Korn with a headset mic like Vince from ShamWOW... "We can't do this all day.. so if you call in the NEXT 20 minutes..." Hehe. And, to answer Dan's question of "I can't imagine any enhancement to the GUI that would be any simpler than that.", I offer you THIS gem: http://i41.tinypic.com/120gkrt.jpg Anyway, that's how I would envision it, in the Compose dialog box. A function like this would be extremely useful when running "repair" lists for, say, when a range of records of a printed mailpiece gets garbled in the diecutter after bring printed.
  5. Heh, thanks, Dave! I suppose I could write a giant if...then loop for every time I have to create a repairs file, but in reality it will be easier to just edit the .csv data file that gets imported. (And then compose JUST the records that need to be reprinted.) So... hey - maybe Printable could put this feature request on the fast track for inclusion in 6.1? ... maybe?
  6. Let's say that, through the course of a normal variable-data newsletter operation, some of the newsletters get mangled in the tabber after another flawless print run out of FusionPro. Or they get crushed in the folder/creaser. Or they get trimmed wrong. So, say in a 1,000-record job, I need to reprint records 2, 345-351, 657, and 987-998. Is there an easy way to print a complex range of records in FusionPro? All I get in the Composition Settings Dialog box for Input is [ ] ALL; or, [ ] ____ to ____. As it stands now, if I had the problem in the example above, I'm composing 4 files, one for 2, one for 345-351, one for 657, and one for 987-998, then I'm combining those all into one PDF file for reprinting. I'm thinking that there's GOT to be a better way to do this. I can go back in and edit my source CSV file, and then save it as the "repairs" file, but that's a kludge. I would LOVE to be able to specify a range of records to print, just like printing pages from InDesign or Quark XPress. In a multi-page document, I can specify printing pages: 2, 345-351, 657, 987-998. And it will print JUST those pages. If there's NOT a way to do this currently, can I humbly submit this for a feature request in future versions? (Like 6.1 ?) Thanks!
  7. In my experience, FusionPro Desktop does not know when you've deactivated fonts using Font Explorer or Suitcase. The font will default if you preview it or compose, but you can still attempt to select the font resource in the Variable Text Editor dialog box.
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