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Copyfit - Return Font Size Value


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If you mean the full-flow copyfitting, where you click "Adjust text to fit" in the Overflow Options dialog (rather than single-line copyfitting with the CopyfitLine function), then No, there isn't. The Copyfit functionality doesn't actually say, "change the point size to X points." It actually says, "magnify the point size of all of the text by X percent", by putting a <magnify> tag in front of all the content of the flow. This allows text with various point sizes in the flow to be copyfitted proportionally, so if, say, you have a mixture of 20 point and 10 point text, it still keeps that 2 to 1 ratio when copyfitted, maybe ending up at 16 point and 8 point.


You can limit both the largest and smallest magnification factor, and the absolute largest and smallest point size, that can be applied during copyfitting, by tweaking the values in the MagnifyAttributes object in the OnCopyfit rule.


If you can give me a better idea of what you're ultimately trying to accomplish, I might be able to suggest something more specific.

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I needed to know from processing 200,000 records, what is the smallest font size it can run without truncating. The text box is all one font size. I may just have to run it at the different font size with no copyfit to see when it stop truncating. Run 10pts, then run 9pts, ... down to 6 pts which is my smallest font allowed.
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