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Creating a Custom overflow rule


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Here is the problem I have. My client needs to have a custom overflow rule.

If their text is longer than the specified title one area it needs to break to title two line, but i needs to indent 3 spaces ti indicate it's a continuation of the title.

If this happens we need to suppress title tile and use the title one.

If it's not longer we want both title 1 and title 2 on the piece.


I now have a yes/no option to have the user select is the title is too long, but they are not doing it and it's had a few cards be wrong.


Any help with this would be great thank you!



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I'm having trouble envisioning what you want from your description. A picture might be worth a thousand words here. Some sample data records and mockups of the corresponding output for each record would be fantastic.


Also, I think you really mean a custom copyfit rule, not a custom overflow rule, right? In other words, do you want to adjust things to fit everything into a single text frame, or is there another frame to overflow to?

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I don't have data since it's an online application.

I do have a manual way to do it, but the users are ignoring it.

Well, the online app is eventually going to need to create a data file to run through FusionPro, so you should at least make a data file with some dummy data to build the FusionPro template with.

I have attached a pdf of what the card options can look like.

I see. You're not actually doing either overflow (to a new frame/flow) or copyfitting (shrinking text to fit into a frame); you're merely trying to control how the line typesets when it breaks. The good news is that you don't need a JavaScript rule at all for this. You can just go into the Text Editor, select the lines containing the variables for the title lines (presumably variables such as "Title1" and "Title2"), then click the Paragraph button, and in the Paragraph Formatting dialog, set the Left indent to something like 10 points (leaving the First Line indent at zero), and also check the "Suppress if Empty" box.

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