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Altering Page size

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Has anyone attempted to change the page size based on an input field and rule?


Looking to create a template for a perfect bound book cover. I was thinking, if I have the User enter the number of pages, then I can calculate the spine and add it to the cover spread width dimension.


I am doing this with Fusion Pro and MarcomCentral.


In theory this is possible. Any better ideas?

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Yes, with FusionPro 10, and a FusionPro VDP Producer or VDP Server license, you can indeed modify the sizes of the output page(s) via JavaScript in OnRecordStart, with the ResizePage function. Or you can call GetBodyPage() and set the width and height properties on the returned object. This will work for compositions submitted to MarcomCentral, since it uses FusionPro VDP Server. The typical use of this is for what we call an "ad resizing" job, where the output size of a print ad varies for different publications.
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Will this also allow me to crop a page?


If I had an 8.5 x 11 page and wanted to crop it (not scale it) to 5.5 x 10. Can I do that?

No. You can only set the page dimensions (width and depth/height) and the bleed, where the bleed is symmetrical (i.e. the same on all four sides).


Typically a symmetric bleed is what's needed for printing.


If you can explain more specifically what you're trying to accomplish with an asymmetric bleed, I might be able to come up with a solution.

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