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Text Frame Palette not working


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I can draw a text frame and move or resize it directly, but if I try to edit it with the text frame palette it doesn't respond.


If i click the text frame then click the palette it updates to show the palette's current attributes. I can then type a value into any of the fields in the palette but it will just go back to its previous state next time I click on it.


I'm using Windows 7, Acrobat Pro 8 and Fusion Pro Creator 10.


I've used Creator 9 previously and never seen this issue before.

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You need to upgrade Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat 8 is over a decade old, and Adobe dropped support for it in 2011. In fact, Adobe no longer supports any version of Acrobat older than version XI:



We (PTI/MarcomCentral) no longer do QA testing on any version of Acrobat older than X.

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If you visit the Marcom website today and check the system requirements for Creator 10 it says Acrobat 8 is supported. I checked the system requirements before buying the software so to be told they're not accurate is disappointing to say the least.

Sorry about that. I will look into correcting the information on our web site. However, the fact remains that Adobe has not supported Acrobat 8 for many years.

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