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Help glueing the legs ona table!!!

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Does any one have lots of experiance building tables? I have a job that is about 165 pages and every page has a different table from a different vendor on it. do I have to build the whole table or is there a way to have it auto populate after I set up the first row?


is there an easier way to do this using the repeatable objects?

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May be I should explain this better.

I have 3 databases. One has customer info, one had product info and one has usage (how many the cust. bought last year at what time.)


there are 165 or so vendors, Each get its own page, a different number of items per page.


What I really want to know is is there a way to use the new repeatable object function to populate the product info list instead of having to build 165 pages.


I have attached some sample data for you to look at.


I appreciate the help.





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