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FusionPro Reporting?


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Several years ago the company I work for purchased storefront software through a third party (to remain unnamed). The storefront allows a site user to customize products through FusionPro and upon checkout, we get a PDF that we can use to print the customized product. I have recently run into a situation were a client wants reporting on information that the user enters into FusionPro on our site. Our storefront software does not report on data entered into FusionPro. Is there a way in FusionPro to get the data I want? The supplier of the storefront software (that we host) does not allow customization unless they do it themselves. Since we are hosting our own site, including some sort of FusionPro engine, is there a way to get the reporting we want directly from FusionPro?

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It's basically impossible to answer the question without more information.


You say that there is "information that the user enters into FusionPro on our site." But that can't be completely true, as there's no way to enter information directly into FusionPro from a web site. The user is actually entering information into your (or your vendor's) storefront web application, which is then in turn providing that data to FusionPro, presumably through a data file that it generates. So the web application must already have access to the data that it's feeding to FusionPro, and therefore it can do its own reporting of that data.


It seems that you don't want to specify what third-party company sold you this storefront web application, but it seems that this is really a question for them, about how to make their application generate a report based on the data entered into it. Presumably, the third-party web application is using FusionPro VDP Server, so I could tell you how to set certain CFG settings to tell FusionPro VDP Server to write something like an XML log file, but the third-party application likely has control over all of the CFG settings, so that information won't do you any good in this context.

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