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Pick List for Phone Labels


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I need help setting up a business card for DSF. The customer needs to pick their own label for each phone number. The problem is two numbers are left and the other two are on the right, and labels for all numbers are lined up underneath each other. Please see the attached samples to get a better understanding.


Sample 1 all numbers + labels


Sample 2 all numbers + labels except for the Cell


Sample 3 Cell and Main only (Direct & Fax suppressed)


Sample 4 Cell and Direct only (this is where it got tricky for me)

Direct number + Label moved over to the right side.



This is why I would like to have a pick list for the customer to choose where they want their phone + label. What is the best way to set this up? Sorry I'm not JS savvy, which is why I always need your help. Please let me know if you need any more information.








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It's not clear to me exactly what you're asking for. You say:

I would like to have a pick list for the customer to choose where they want their phone + label.

But what do you mean here by a "pick list"? Do you mean a drop-down on a web form somewhere? In what web application?


And do you mean that you literally want the user to be able to specify the position of each phone number? So the pick list would have items such as "left" and "right"?


Or are you not really asking about a pick list at all? Do you really just want to know how to make a rule so that FusionPro will automatically put numbers in both columns?

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Sorry for the confusion, really thought I was using the right jargon. :o I needed a drop-down list for EFI's Digital Storefront (DSF, I've seen this abbreviated elsewhere on the forum.) "Pick-List" is what fusion pro calls a drop-down list in the define HTML form. I wanted a drop-down list for phone labels (Direct, Cell, Main, and Fax), so the customer could choose their own label on their business card. (see sample versions from original post). I really tried to get it to work using a text resource, graphic resource, but nothing seem to work in DSF, so I just used a text box instead, so the customer can type their own label. The Drop-down would be a better option on the web-form, but I ran out of time on the project. :( Really appreciate the response.


jpreve :)

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