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Combining Graphic rules and Text rules


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I have a business card with three possible variables.


1) Two phone numbers, a Fax and an Email

2) One of each

3) One Phone, one Email.


The customer is using graphics to indicate which is which. I have all three graphics in .EPS files.


In order to make it only one template, I'd like to have a rule that says "return graphic + field."


This way I can just highlight the whole paragraph and suppress if empty to prevent any empty fields from displaying their associated graphic.


if (Field("Phone1") == "")

return ""


return Resource("Phone") + (Field("Phone1"));

I'm trying to get one down before I do the others. This rule doesn't return the resource, nor will it if I change "Return Resource("Phone") to Return Rule ("Phone1")


** I should note that in either case what actually gets returned are the actual words Resource("Phone") as well as the values in the field.

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It's not clear to me where the graphic fits in, but there are a couple things you could do. You could use a repeatable component. But an inline graphic is probably easier, and if you're also using the "Suppress if containing empty variables" setting, then you don't really need a rule for the text field at all. You only need a text rule to return your inline graphic, something like this:

return '<graphic resource="Phone" height=3600>';

Where you can specify either the height or width (or both) in hundredths of points.

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