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JobDirect without an upload


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We've got a potential client who wants to be able to order a pick item (flat sheets), and then have multiple options for final folding sizes, and wrapping/banding. I COULD do this in JobDirect, but it seems I MUST have at least one file upload in the template. How can I use the JobDirect template without having to require a file upload?
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Yes, you will have to have at least one field. I created one called "Job Name" - you can even deactivate it in Marcom once template is uploaded.


Next make sure you activate the Job Direct Pricing in the Pricing section prior to setting up the JD option on the template tab.


Then you will need to create the 4 following fields (yes these are all required for the Job Direct Media Pricing to function): Print Options, Media Size, Media Category and Media Type. See video below



Once added make sure you publish then go to, Bulk Operations to set up the Job Direct Media Pricing worksheet.


This should do it.

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I was wrong
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