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Crop Mark colors


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Can we set crop marks to a spot color if we wanted to using FusionPro Impositioning?


For example we had a black piece and printed metallic ink, but FPI was printing black, so had to use original PDF's crop marks (changed to metallic manually within PDF) to get the metallic ink to print.


Just wondering....not an every second issue...wondering if options are editable for crop marks (thickness, color, etc)

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No, you aren't able to change the crop marks to a specific color nor can you specify a thickness.


That being said, if you add the spot color to your FusionPro template (FusionPro > Advanced > Colors) - making sure you've toggled "Spot color" when adding it, and leave "Use Black Color for Crop Marks" unchecked when composing, the crop marks should print in Registration. Which means the separation for your job's spot color would have crop marks on it.

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