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Hyphenated Name Rule???


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Hello all,


I am trying to create a rule that will do two things if possible. This is really an email rule. I would like to format the email address to capitalize the first letter of both the first and last name... second, I would like the rule to search for a specific character in the email field, for example a hyphen (-), and then capitalize the first letter after the hyphen. I thought this would have been discussed, but I haven't been able to find a thread mentioning this. Please let me know if this is possible.







Thank you!

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I came up with a code:

// Build a string of the letters A through Z
s = "my.name-cms@google-analytics.com"
var a = ""
var b = Len(s)
var passedAtSign  = 0
var printUpperChr = 0

for (c = 0; c < b; c++) {
   // checks to see if we are passed our @ sign
   if (Mid(s, c+1 ,1)=="@")
       passedAtSign = 1

   // Upper case 1st character of email
   if (c==0)
       a = a + ToUpper(Mid(s, c+1 ,1))
       // if after 1st pass it's a period or dash, 
       // toggle printUpperChr should be set to 1
       // and if not passed the @ sign, passedAtSign
       // should still be 0 at this point
       if (printUpperChr == 1 && passedAtSign==0)
           a = a + ToUpper(Mid(s, c+1 ,1))
           a = a + ToLower(Mid(s, c+1 ,1))

       //flags to print next character upper
       if (Mid(s, c+1 ,1)=="." || Mid(s, c+1 ,1)=="-")
           printUpperChr = 1
           printUpperChr = 0


return a;


and came up with the results of:



Hopes this helps....

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