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Unable to read image from Cache

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I keep getting this error message when I try to compose a PPML.


I just returned from vacation and I am getting this message. Nobody used my computer while I was away. Or so I am told.


I have attached images of the error message.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



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PPML generates a zip file. In the other apps of the VDP world, I've created PPML with flattened down PDFs and swapped them out after the *.zip file is created. You just have to make sure that the HighRes PDF or Transparent PDF is the same file name.


Not sure if it will work, but it's an application thing and will not build your PPML files for you. All in all, please make sure the printing looks correct.

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Thanks for the replies. This is happening to old jobs that I have previously created PPML's for as well. It will create a PDF output file just fine. Production is yelling at me because the PDF files take so long to process and print.


It is weird since it work great the day I left for vacation. Come back and now I have this problem. Maybe there was a Microsoft update that is causing a problem.

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