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cell rulings not working as expected


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I'm taking a crack at creating a table using tags and am getting some unexpected behavior with the cell rulings. As you can see, several of the rulings appear to be darker than others.



This is the rule I'm using:

myTable += '<cell rulings="Top:Thin,Black;Bottom:Thin,Black;Left:Thin,Black;Right:Thin,Black">'+ externalTable.GetFieldValue(i, 'SkuCode');


Anybody know of a fix for this?


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Is that a screenshot from Acrobat? If so, I think this is just a display issue. Sometimes Acrobat doesn't always do an accurate job with displaying lines like that. If you zoom in more, I'll bet that the lines become the same width. I'm 99 percent sure that when you print the PDF output, it will be correct.
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