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Type a bullet point in the English.js file


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I have a handful of rules that I write in most of my projects. To save some time I've added them to my English.js file to access and write much quicker. My question is:

Does anybody know how to type a bullet point in the .js file so that it actually comes over as a bullet point?


I've tried \"•\"

But it returns "â¢"


I've tried escaping the bullet too \"\•\"

But it returns the same thing.


Any help would be appreciated.


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That's a Unicode character, but the RuleTemplates.English.js file is saved with 8-bit ANSI encoding. You can do any of the following to make it work:


  • Save the file as Unicode, either UTF-8 or UTF-16. (In Notepad2, select Encoding -> Unicode, and re-save the file. Other text editors have different ways of specifying the encoding.)
  • Use the Chr function to call out the character by its Unicode code point, specifically: Chr(8226).
  • Use a Unicode escape in a literal string, with \u followed by the code point as four hexadecimal digits, specifically: "\u2022".
  • Use JavaScript's unescape function with a string literal containing an escaped character notation, specifically: unescape("%u2022").
  • Use JavaScript's decodeURIComponent function with a string literal containing escaped UTF-8 characters, specifically: decodeURIComponent("%E2%80%A2").

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