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checkbox / multi choice dropdown


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Hi -


Is it possible to add checkboxes or multiple choice dropdowns populated from textlists in marcomcentral?


Or perhaps updating a dropdown´s values between different textlists, based on UI rules - instead of having "100" UI rules to update a dropdown menu?

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No there is no way to have a selection box where multiple items may be selected.


Also, it is not recommended to use for the 20 UI rules. If you are using more than that; 1) it is a major challenge if you ever need to make a change/update relating to the fields and 2) there is most likely a better way to achieve what you are trying to accomplish with either rules in the template or with another feature.


Not knowing your exact scenario, I can only suggest a possible solution, which would be using Intelligent Forms (iForms) for MarcomCentral. iForms allows you to create cascading drop-downs (amongst other use cases) and it is managed via Bulk Ops, making it easier to adjust than 100s of UI rules.


Contact your BRM for activation and documentation.

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