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If I have a multiple page FusionPro PDF, I'm wanting to know if it's possible for all of the records in a given data file to be composed so they are grouped by page, but still all be in the same composed PDF. Example... if I have a 3 page PDF and a data file with 50 records. My output file would have page 1, records 1-50, then page 2, records 1-50, then page 3, records 1-50. I've looked through the threads and haven't really seen anything like this. I'm assuming it would require a loop rule, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Thanks!
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Well, you're really making three separate composition passes. So (without FP Server) you need to open the data file as an ExternalDataFileEx and repeat the main record to iterate through all the data file records, and do that three times, activating a different body page each time.
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