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Producer Composing Single Page

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I am running a trial version of Producer. Last Friday everything seemed to be running well. Today however, files that are sent to compose on Producer, output a single page only.


I can compose on my desktop fine, but not through Producer.


Here is the log for the output, I don't see anything in it that seems to indicate a problem. The job Monitor has a return code of "0".


Any assistance would be appreciated. And if necessary let me know any files to send.


Job started 12:47:36 - 1459183656.

Creator: FusionPro VDP Producer (Single-Record) 9.3.29

Computer Name: PDMSRV

Current working folder: C:\Windows\system32

Temporary files folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PTI\FusionPro\TEMP_34464\

Template File: \\pdmsrv\PioneerData\Lettershop\FP Producer Compositions\1459183655\CRE.dif

Input File: \\pdmsrv\PioneerData\Lettershop\FP Producer Compositions\1459183655\1459183655\03-25-16 2016week09_3b_vendorfile-presort.csv

Job Config File: \\pdmsrv\PioneerData\Lettershop\FP Producer Compositions\1459183655\1459183655\producer-job-n.FPProducerConfig

Composing record #1, input record 1

Copied file: \\pdmsrv\PioneerData\Lettershop\FP Producer Compositions\1459183655\1459183655\03-25-16 2016week09_3b_vendorfile-presort RE.pdf to \\pdmsrv\PioneerData\Lettershop\FP Producer Compositions\Proofs\03-25-16 2016week09_3b_vendorfile-presort RE.pdf

Job ended 12:47:38 - 1459183658.

Total Job Time: 2s

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I think the problem is here:

Creator: FusionPro VDP Producer (Single-Record) 9.3.29

Did you recently re-register your Producer machine with a new serial number?


Anyway, please don't post your serial number here. You need to work with Support to get this straightened out.

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That was it.


I went to check the registration on the server, and instead of "Renew Registration" it displayed "Initial Registration". Once clicked, I was able to compose the entire file.


Very strange. Thanks for your help.

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