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Including Ordinal when Formatting Date


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No, but if you search the web for "JavaScript ordinals", you'll find lots of functions to do that, such as this one:

function getOrdinal(n)
   var s = ["th","st","nd","rd"];
   var v = n % 100;
   return s[(v-20)%10] || s[v] || s[0];

You can use it in a rule like this:

var theDate = Today();
var dayOfMonth = theDate.getDate();
var dayWithOrdinal = getOrdinal(dayOfMonth);
return FormatDate(theDate, "EE, MMM d") + dayWithOrdinal + FormatDate(theDate, ", yyyy");

Adding this functionality to FormatDate wouldn't be a bad enhancement idea for FusionPro, although such ordinals are obviously specific to English, and not all of our users, and certainly not all output files, are English-based. Different languages do ordinals much differently:


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Added note about ordinals in other languages.
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