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Superscript Register Symbol

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I have been trying to make the register symbol from my data file superscript. I realized after a while that the font I was using was the problem so I tried using ReplaceSubstring to change the font of only the symbol but it still does not seem to be working. I found someone with a similar issue and tried modifying the code that worked for them, my modified version is below.


FieldContent = Field("Title")
return ReplaceSubstring(TaggedTextFromRaw(FieldContent), "®",
   "<f name=\"Adobe Garamond Pro\"><superscript>®</superscript></f>");

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  1. Are you actually using the variable with the name of the rule in your text frame?
  2. Look at the log file to make sure you don't have any warning messages about fonts.
  3. Try adding some debugging code to the rule, like so:
    Print("Title Field: " + Field("Title"));

    And look in the log file to see what it reports.

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