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PPML has no bleeds and shifts down and to the left


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I am having issues ripping to a Fiery Command Station, where the Variable Field stays in the right position, but the background image shifts down and to the left .125", like it isn't honoring the bleed from the Indesign file. The interesting thing is that if instead I write a PDF Output file, the imposed file looks healthy.


I was wondering if someone else has this issue, and if there is a fix for this.

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I am also having a similar issue where the ppml file drops bleeds and then shifts the crop marks about a 1/4 inch.


The strange thing is, this doesn't always occur. Are there any properties in the file that would cause something like this? We usually end up using pdfs because of this.


We are getting close to busy season and we need to know asap.




Fusion Pro: 9.3.15

Printer: Ricoh 9110

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I have had the same problem. Most notably when I export the FP template from InDesign with bleed. The FP template in Acrobat will display the document by the trim size. I have to set the Media Box and Crop Box to the Bleed size - so my FP Template is the bleed size. This usually solves the problem.


Or export the PDF from InDesign with bleed but no marks so the document is the bleed size, and then import or set-up the FP Template.

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