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We do a monthly project for Home Depot that creates on average several million pieces of mail spread over several different postcard sizes and templates - sometimes up to as many as 28 different templates. We've automated the run down to one batch file for everything and just let it run one template after another. We've even got to the point of using a "variable data batch file". I've attached a sample of the two from this past month to give you an example. The "production.bat" file is created by the data processing team as part of their normal routine. It lists the final batch file to run, the size of the postcard, the imposition schema, then form specifics based on that month's postcard form names and data files, and finally a reminder of the machine it is to run on. These file segments get put together in the "call.bat" file (based of the variables with the % leader for each column) which then invokes the command line programming to FusionPro Server.


If I were to run all the templates one by one, it would take quite a while, even with being able to run three at a time with FusionPro Server. However this batch file will just run one template after another until it is finishes all files up to the "exit /b" command. I then simply start the production.bat file when I leave for home and come in the next morning to check the log files that were created by FusionPro as to how each job ran. No fuss, no muss, no problems...uh...ummm...usually!


As far as I know there is no normal way to automate the Desktop version of FusionPro like this. You will need to be running FusionPro Server.


Hope this helps you to free up some extra time.


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