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suppress graphic based on user selection


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I have a fusionpro template with a drop down list.

The drop-down list has the following selections:

- Standard

- Enhanced


I also have a graphic box into which the website user can upload a photo.


I want the following limitation:

The user can ONLY include a photo on their business card if they select 'Enhanced'


So it sounds like I need to write a rule that says:

"if user selects 'Standard', suppress the graphic ... EVEN IF one was uploaded"


The reason I need to do this is because:

(a) some people don't read and

(b) as far as I know, in a printOne store there is no way to disable (or hide) a field based on another selection.


In other words, nothing prevents the user from selecting 'Standard' and then uploading a photo anyway!


Is there a way to do this with javascript? (Keep in mind ... Since the user can upload their own photo, I wont know the _name_ of the photo).


So I suppose I need a way to suppress a graphic box regardless of what the name of the graphic image inside of it is named.

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This seems to be almost an exact duplicate of this thread:



Did you intend to repost it as a new thread? If you simply want to move it to the Web-To-Print forum, I think you can move threads that you own (i.e. that you started) yourself, or you can certainly ask me or Mark or another moderator to do that for you with a Private Message.


At the very least, I would reference the original thread in the new one.

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