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Fonts and FusionProVDP Creator


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My company is considering acquiring FusionProVDP Creator for Mac (Maverick).


How is the Font Compatibility for Mac? Have there been any issues we should look out for?


We have it for our PC (v9.1.0, use it in both InDesign CS6 and Acrobat) but until Very recently we've only been able to get about 10 fonts to work for Variable Data. (Now they're working, don't know why, recent update perhaps?)


Are the same type of fonts required for it to work on a Mac (TrueType and OpenType)?


Thank you for any information you can provide.

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Interesting dreimer, I wonder if the fonts that only recently started working properly on the PC were activated Locally instead of through the server, I'll check.


Good information on the Mac and Server too, I'll confirm the server software has been updated for working with Macs.


Thank you

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Fonts have been a continuous struggle for me and Fusion Pro. I'm not sure why as most all the fonts I use no other apps have a problem with. I just had to convert the USPS BarCode font to a type 1 to get it working again in FP. It was working fine the last time I used it and then it would no longer work and I got garbage in the preview mode....Flushed my font caches, restarted, Adv->reload all, re-launch both Acrobat & FP and nothing works to get the font(s) active again.


This is on a system that I keep clean and usually only have very minimal fonts installed to start with.


Now I will confess that normally I run Suitcase to manage my fonts, but when I start having issue it is the first thing I shut down and start activating and deactivating the fonts I need manually by moving them to & from my ~/Library/Fonts. This will sometimes help, but mostly doesn't. Fonts & FP can be a very frustrating experience for me. :(

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