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Code 128 Subset A Barcode


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Here is a screenshot of what I am trying to duplicate. It was generated in another barcode application and I am trying to match it using FusionPro. FusionPro may have generated a 128 Subset A barcode but I needed it to look like the one attached. Same width and height.


The data for this was... S18250342405


Sorry for the confusion!


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Hi Fellsway,

The pic you attached was a little skinny on the requirements - doesn't provide much dimensional info.

Attatched is an example of what I came up with. There was some problem on my output which I don't know the cause of.

The output did scan with a barcode reader.

You would need FusionPro 9.3 to adjust sizing from the setup.

The barcode rule that I used:

var BarcodeData = NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode(Field("BarcodeNumber")));
return BarcodeData;



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Thanks Leo! I will give that a shot. Out of curiosity though I'm still baffled why the line breaks are different then the one I created from a separate barcode application (Screenshot). Also the widths of your barcodes vary but they are all using 11 digit data.
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