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Why can't I get this to work?!


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Hey all

I've got a variable product that has two pages. On both pages I've got graphic frames and a switch rule for each frame that insert a graphic based on what the user selects. For whatever reason, only the second graphic is getting pulled in. I have images tied to the template in MC, and I've made sure they are named accordingly based on the switch rules in FP. Why would the second graphic frame work perfectly, and not the first one.


A couple weird things to mention:

I can preview it in Adobe and both graphic frames pull in the corresponding image. That would lead me to believe that there is something different in my library images in MC. But as stated previously, they all match up.

But what really confuses me is this - I copied this product from one of my other portals where it works perfectly, so I know it works. I made sure all the settings and images matched perfectly, and the first graphic frame still isn't working correctly. I don't know where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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