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Fusion Pro Orientation


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I'm new to Fusion Pro so forgive my shortsightedness on this subject. I've been asked by my colleges as to whether there is a way (a hidden button, for example) of simply changing the orientation of a pdf within Fusion Pro (from landscape to portrait, for example). I know it is possible in Acrobat, so it might be a moot point, but have be asked to ask!!
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Unfortunately there is not. Even when you rotate a page in Acrobat, FusionPro un-rotates it when it composes.


The best way to handle it is to have both options in the template (landscape and portrait). It is important to emphasize that you cannot just rotate the page in Acrobat, assuming your design comes from InDesign, setup each page with the appropriate orientation there (would also work from what ever source you start from), then export it out.


Next in Acrobat/FusionPro use an OnRecordStart "Callback" rule to suppress the unused page. You will need a value in the data to identify which orientation should be suppressed in composition. ie: Orientation = "portrait" or "landscape".


Click here to see a thread indicating how to suppress a page.


There are several threads on the page activation/suppression topic, the one above shows the basics of the function.


Hope this helps

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