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Personalization "Image Characters"


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I need some help with variable Image Characters.

I am working in a test job and so far is working fine but I will like to fix some issues and don't know how.

See the attached image about what I need to fix, by this numbers:

1- Avoid text overlapping for wide images.

2- Avoid extra space.

3- Make the Personalization text fit on the image box and don't cut the last image.


Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



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It looks to be specific to those letters. The overlap is occurring on what looks to be an "N" because of the size of the image character. The opposite would apply to the "Y", as it is too narrow and the gap occurs after the image character. You could trim the wide image to be narrower and stretch or adjust the narrow one to be wider. You can do this by exporting out the image characters adjusting and replacing.


Image characters use the font that is applied to the Expression to apply the letter spacing. Therefore, when you apply an odd sized image character the same spacing is applied, which does not always have the best result.


With regards to #3

Make the Personalization text fit on the image box and don't cut the last image.

I'm not sure I completely understand, from the sample image. It does not look cut off to me.


Also, if you can provide the name of the Expression, I can also try to test it out as well.


let me know

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Hi Richard,


Thank you for you help on this matter.

I will try the exporting and adjusting the images to see how work.


On the cut of the last letter/image, the previous sample maybe don't show clearly, see attached PDF with other sample of cut images.


UPDATED: Richard, I check the size of the "N" and "Y" image and they are same width (2.727" and 818 px).


I dont know how to provide you with the name of the Expression for you to test, I can sent you a link with all the files I have for that job.


Thank you for all your help,



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