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Portal Workflow Scenario


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My client has some specific workflow needs and I was hoping someone could let me know if this is possible with MarcomCentral.


To summarize the project, the client wants their users to register and order one t-shirt. After the user orders the shirt, they wouldn’t be able to place any additional orders.


Someone suggested that we manually deactivate the accounts of each user as they make their order. But the portal will have 16,000 users so we’ll need a solution that doesn’t require a lot of manual work.


Does anyone know if Marcom offers any sort of promo code capabilities? This would allow us to restrict the users to a single purchase.


Or if you have a better suggestion, we’re definitely open. Thanks!

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Yes, you can set up "Coupon codes" for a free product. However, since you only want each user to be able to use it one time, each user would need a unique Coupon Code. This would require that you assign them to each User, therefore Users would not be able to self register for the portal.


What you could do is set the coupon code as their User ID, so when you create each User, you instruct them to use their ID as the coupon/promo code for the free Product. The User's would still be active, but assuming they are not able to order anything else, there would be no harm.


For activation or more information contact your BRM.

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