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SaddleStich with Gutter


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We have a number of projects that end up "finishing" as two page nested letters that are matched. The artwork provided is 8.5x11 with bleed (usually from 2 to 4 pages) and the pages need to fold and slit together as a nested pair. I'm attaching a finished piece with markings.


In this piece for Cleveland Whiskey the second "nested" page is not actually variable this time, but others have been in the past and will be in the future. Step 1: after printing is to trim the outside edges to turn the 12x18 into an 11x17.5" sheet - basically trimming to all outside crop marks. Step 2: That resulting sheet is put in our folder that has a trimming attachment. As you are looking at the front of the letter with the variable address (page 1 right side)...then imagine folding along the red dotted line so that the left half of the page goes underneath the right, and then trim at the green dashed line. The the resulting two pages are folded again to make the letter size. Step 3: This nested, trimmed and folded letter - that are exactly matched every time - are now fed out of the folder onto a mail-inserter and placed into an envelope. Everything always matches and there is no need to do validation checks which slows down the overall process.


My problem is that I need to do a saddle-stitch imposition that includes a .25" to sometimes a .5" gap in the middle. Currently the imposition program included in FusionPro cannot perform that. Saddle-stitch to it means that you can only have the sheets butt-up against each other in the middle. We do literally dozens of these such set-ups weekly now and I would like to know if there is a way of not having waste time doing a manual layout in InDesign each time and just keep the template at the original 8.5x11 size and alter the imposition as needed.


Is there a way (either through the GUI or editing the .fpi file manually) of putting a gap in the middle of the saddle-stitch layout? I don't care if the bleed area shows up in the middle since it gets trimmed out anyway.




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Could you build a blank 18X12 template and place your 4 pages in 4 separate 8.5 X 11 graphic boxes in the positions needed to allow your gap? Then place your text boxes accordingly as well. This template could be reused with the next job with different art. Then just use a duplex imposition. I uploaded a template I used in a similar situation. I deleted the resources used though for client purposes.



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