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Javascript and ODBC


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I was wondering if anyone could tell me if you can connect to an ODBC datasource through Javascript using, say, the OnJobStart rule. My problem is that I am using a .csv file for my input file but it doesn't have all the data i need in it. And adding the data I need would be quite a pain because it would require numerous changes back up the line. Any help would be appreciated.



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Sorry, the answer is No. You can only connect to ODBC for your main input data source (and currently on Windows only). There's no ExternalDataFileEx-type functionality to access a secondary ODBC data source. Your best bet is probably to dump the data to a tab-delimited file and use ExternalDataFileEx.
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Just to clarify, you can indeed access fields from an ODBC data source in JavaScript with the Field function, just as with any other primary data source type. However, the "secondary" data file functionality through ExternalDataFileEx only works for flat (delimited) text files. (Did that clarify or just confuse things?)
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